Fiercely Fueled Performance Nutrition Program 
An 8-week program designed to teach you how to fuel your training and optimize your recovery to get stronger
Fatigue, soreness, and long plateaus in building strength. I’m betting some or all of these sound familiar.

While they’re not abnormal experiences in strength athletes, you want to know that you are doing everything you can to decrease their effect on performance.

But you’re not sure you are doing everything you can, or at least the right methods, to optimize your efforts in the gym.

Conflicting Information in the nutrition world plays a huge part in your confusion. It’s overwhelming when you try to research the answers to managing your recovery. 
Where do you start?

Who do you trust?

How do you detect garbage nutrition info?
The main problem I see in most athletes’ approach?

Lack of knowledge around how to fuel your body.

At the end of the day…
  • You don’t know what to eat
  • You’re unsure sure when to eat for optimal performance
  • There’s a lack of accountability and support with staying on track
  • ​You have difficulty maintaining weight
  • ​You’re tired all the time and drag during training sessions
  • ​Food stresses you out and your relationship with it is rocky at best
You know the answer goes deeper than just tracking carbs, fats, and protein. Macro counting is a helpful tool, yet your attempts at weight loss usually result in decreased strength or performance on meet day.

When you try to maintain or gain muscle, you can’t shake the fear that fueling their body for performance will be met with an unwanted body fat increase. You try for a couple weeks and jump back into a deficit.

What if there were ONE place with all the info you needed to know to meet your goals and ditch the distress? 
This is why I’ve created a program that allows you to put your focus on learning the science-backed info that will help you improve as an athlete.

Plus, you’ll learn what it means to truly eat to support your training while keeping in check your body composition or weight class goals that have frustrated you for months - maybe even years.

Nothing can compare to an education around the food you choose to fuel your body with. The kind of education that will not only serve you as an athlete, but the kind you can take with you through the rest of your life.

If you want to set PRs, I'm the one to help you do it - and we’re starting with your nutrition.
Hi, I’m Kristin, and I lived with undiagnosed celiac disease until age 26.

This affected my training, my energy, and my personal life outside of the gym, too.
But once I understood the healing power of proper nutrition, I began studying it in my doctoral program. By the time I was 30, my body healed enough to handle competitive strength sports.

The downside? I quickly found out most of the nutrition information and research available for athletes was geared towards either endurance athletes, or fitness enthusiasts…NOT strength athletes.

This set me on a path to seek out and apply current research to my background and training in human physiology. I have spent a decade developing and refining my methods based on current and emerging research. Along the way I became so passionate about teaching these methods to other athletes that I founded Fiercely Fueled Nutrition to help athletes all over the world achieve better results and dominate on the platform

Now, I specialize in nutrition that gets strength athletes stronger, builds muscle, and helps them recover better, while also changing their physique, if desired.
As a chiropractic physician, a sports nutritionist, and an elite powerlifter, I’ve made it my mission to help others reach their fullest potential as an athlete and stay healthy in the process.

And I want you to be that next athlete to experience this.
If you are ready for a knowledgeable and supportive sports nutritionist to help you reach your performance goals, you’re in the right place.
Kristin has really helped me see how being fully fueled for training can improve my results, and how under-fueled I had been in the past while trying to maintain my weight in a lower weightlifting weight class. Since starting with Kristin 3 months ago, I no longer bonk in longer workouts and I have been able to make progress in my lifting, achieving more consistent results across the board, in training and in competition. 
- Jennifer P 
I’ll give it to you straight. This program is perfect for…
  • This program is for strength athletes who are serious about taking their nutrition seriously. 
  • You want the real research and not the fluff and misleading “education” you see on the internet because it feels like chaos in your brain and it gets you nowhere with your goals. 
  • Those who have struggled with body image, their relationship with food, and/or over-obsessing with macros will benefit from the guidance and straightforward teachings that give you the foundational knowledge on how to fuel your body properly and treat it well for overall health. 
  • ​If you’re stalled with your strength or body composition goals.
This program is not designed for you if...
  • You expect overnight success and aren't willing to put in the work. 
  • You aren't open to trying new things and discovering through some trial and error with what works best for YOUR body. 
  • You don't want to see how proper nutrition can greatly improve your strength and performance. 
  • You are brand new to counting macros - it can be done, but you may have a challenging time with this program.


What an amazing journey it’s been working with Kristin at Fiercely Fueled Nutrition. As a long time client, no matter what my goal has been over the last year and a half, Kristin has been able to help me lose weight, gain muscle and maintain by managing the correct combination of macros so I eat properly and enough to fuel my body for my training. With Kristin’s guidance and planning, I have been able to make my weight class in every meet. This has resulted in a world record in two different powerlifting federations.  
- Robin 
Fiercely Fueled Performance Nutrition Program 
An 8 week program designed to teach you how to fuel your training and optimize your recovery
At the end of the Performance Nutrition Program you will know exactly what to eat and how much to eat for your goals and their health.

You’ll also be able to modify your plan based on your current (and future) training program, body composition, body weight, performance, and recovery.
The program looks a little something like this…
Week 1: Intro to the program

Week 2: Getting started with your macros and how to assess if they are working for you

Week 3: Nutrient timing and Pre/Post Training meals

Week 4: Food Quality & Carb Sources

Week 5: Dialing in your Protein Sources

Week 6: All about Fats

Week 7: Supplements - Facts vs Marketing

Week 8: Navigating Social Situations, Travel, &Finding Balance
After completing the 8-week program, you will be able to take all of the principles you learned and continue to apply them so that you stay strong, healthy, and maintain a positive relationship with food. 

It's Only For $99 this round, regularly $299

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Picture it with me:
  • You have a healthy relationship with food and your body, which allows you to fuel properly for training without feeling restricted or obsessive
  • There’s no stress around your meals because you know exactly what foods to eat and when, taking away the extra thought and decision-making behind your meals
  • Your workouts are fun again because you can make it through a whole session without feeling drained 
  • ​You eat foods you enjoy without guilt or shame, and still meet your body composition and lifting goals
  • ​No more surfing the internet and falling prey to the confusing information floating around in the “Instagram nutrition” space
  • ​PRs not only feel possible again, but they actually HAPPEN 
Kristin has managed to simplify the seemingly complex notion of nutrient timing to me in a manner that has both made me perform and recover better, and reduce the stress in my life. The skills I have learned from working with Kristin for just a short period of time has transformed my pre-and post training Nutrition beyond
- Parsa

Answers to Your FAQs

What does the time investment look like each week?
Each Sunday you’ll have a brief (under 5 minute) video to watch for that week’s focus. Each day you’ll be asked to enter information in your trackers in the app which will take about 1 minute.  

Once I complete the program, how do I carry on what I’ve learned to ensure lasting results?
This program teaches you how to eat for performance. You will learn how to modify it based on your needs at any given time. Essentially you can become your own nutrition coach. If you feel like you want ongoing support and accountability, we have options for 1:1 coaching as well as monthly membership options so you can keep using our app.
Will I have access to you to ask questions as I go through the program?
We think the best learning takes place collectively. If you have a question, it’s likely someone else is wondering the same thing. For this we will utilize a group chat in our app that the Fiercely Fueled coaches will be responding to daily. 

I’m not competing anytime soon/I’m not a competitive athlete, but I want to gain strength and improve performance. Will I still benefit from this program? 
Absolutely!! You don’t have to be a competitor to optimize your nutrition for performance, strength, and proper recovery. Anyone who wants to learn how to manage their nutrition is welcome here!

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